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Title. Double click me.

I'm Jes Jones.


I am a dedicated defense attorney, a true advocate for the underdog.  With over 15 years of trial experience, I am able to honestly advise you regarding your criminal case or a pending criminal investigation and passionately advocate for you to ensure your rights are protected and a favorable outcome is achieved.   



I understand that zealous representation means more than knowing the law, it means knowing you.  I know you are more than a case number; you are a person, facing a difficult legal situation, wanting a compassionate but aggressive attorney.  I take pride in the work I do and represent each client with the utmost integrity.  I would consider it a great privilege to work with you.



I bring an intelligent and experienced approach to each new case.  Prior to starting my own practice, I was a public defender for 5 years, and then worked as a civil rights attorney at Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP.  I have had cases in both state and federal court, and successfully handled charges at all levels: municipal violations, county charges, and felonies; from traffic cases to homicides.  I have an expert understanding of criminal laws and the system and understand that there can be lifelong consequences beyond incarceration.  



Mariposa Law Offices

130 W. 5th Ave

Denver, CO 80204

Office Number: 303.502.9663

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